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The Advanced Acne Institute provides patients of all ages in Homestead, Florida and the surrounding communities with the best possible treatment for acne.  We are the only dermatologist in Florida that only treats acne, and with our acne telemedicine service, you don't even have to leave your house to pay us a visit!

What Our Patients Say

Meet Dr. Colsky

Dr. Arthur Colsky, the founder and medical director of the Advanced Acne Institute, has been treating acne patients in Homestead and the greater Miami area for many years. He recently expanded his practice to treat patients throughout all of Florida using telemedicine.

Board certified in dermatology and cutaneous surgery and specializing in acne treatment, Dr. Colsky earned his M.D. and Ph.D. degrees at the University of Miami School of Medicine where he continues to serve on the clinical teaching faculty. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in molecular biology from Vanderbilt University where he also began his research interest in immunology.

Dr. Colsky is an active member of the Acne and Rosacea Society and a Fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology.  He is the author of the book You Don't Have to Have Acne, which covers his seven indispensable rules that must be followed to turn the tables on persistent and relentless acne breakouts.

Watch the video below to hear Dr. Colsky explain how he helps his patients go from being an acne sufferer to acne survivor.

Why Choose AAI for Acne Treatment in Homestead

For people living in Homestead, FL there are limited options for acne treatment, especially when it comes to persistent cases of acne. 

Unlike general dermatology practices in Homestead, we are the only dermatology practice that focuses solely on acne treatment and we offer extensive experience in the most advanced acne therapies.   

The Advanced Acne Institute offers a better approach:

  • With our acne telemedicne service, we can treat patients in Homestead from our office without requiring them to leave their house.
  • If patients prefer in-office appointments, our office is located nearby in South Miami.
  • Because we only treat acne, we are able to focus our attention on the special needs of acne patients and offer treatment options and supportive care that you may not find in a general dermatology office.  Click here to learn more. 
  • We specialize in second opinions and routinely treat patients in Homestead who have seen other doctors without getting better. Many of our patients are people who had nearly given up successfully treating their acne after seeing other providers and we were still able to help them.

Acne Treatment Options for Homestead

Thanks to our exclusive focus on acne at the AAI, we are able to offer more acne treatment options than you'll find a typical general practice dermatologist.  The following is a list of treatments available for patients of the AAI, including those taking advantage of our telemedicine service.  Click the "learn more" link under each treatment for more information.

Rotational Therapy

Rotational Therapy is an innovative acne regiment that was developed exclusively at the AAI.  It addresses the shortcomings of many existing acne treatments by incorporating a rotating regimen of a potent skin conditioning treatment combined with medicated wash-off therapies. Click here to learn more

Blue Light Therapy

Blue Light Therapy is another acne treatment that can either be used by itself or combined with other treatments.  It kills acne-causing bacteria within pores and also may have some anti-inflammatory effect.  Read More >> 

Prescription Pills

In cases of moderate to severe acne, oral medications are sometimes prescribed in addition to or in place of topical creams.  This includes antibiotics and birth control pills.  Read More >>

Stress Reduction

Stress is one of the causes of acne, so reducing a patient's level of stress can help treat their acne while also providing a number of other health benefits.  We help our patients experiment with different relaxation techniques including exercise and meditation.  Read More >>


In cases of severe acne, one of the most aggressive treatment options involves a drug called isotretinoin (sold under the brand name Accutane, among others).  It's not for everybody but it can be a game-changer for some patients.  Read More>>

Acne Scarring Treatments

Many patients treated at the Advanced Acne Institute are concerned about the possibility that their acne could leave them with disfiguring scars.  We do have methods for treating acne scarring that can minimize the risk of this.  Read More >>

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